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Take control of verification management

Tanner Designer is an analog verification management tool that tracks all simulations for a project. The tool displays simulation results in a convenient dashboard allowing the team to quickly see which blocks pass or fail specifications and to monitor verification progress. The tool is fully integrated with S-Edit, Analog FastSPICE (AFS), T-Spice, Eldo, and the Tanner Waveform Viewer.

Tanner Designer automatically sends measurement results to a Microsoft® Excel® workbook each time a simulation is run, allowing the team unlimited flexibility to capture specification requirements, specify formulas to calculate if the block meets specifications, and to generate custom reports. The team can immediately start managing analog verification with no tool learning curve and without using proprietary tool languages.

Simplify verification complexity

  • Simply point to where simulations are stored and the tool aggregates all measurements
  • Incrementally customize as the project progresses
  • Supports a wide range of design verification methodologies

Manage all simulations

  • Launch and rerun specified simulations
  • Group and sort results
  • Specify pass or fail parameters

Present results

  • Compare the results against the reference
  • Generate custom reports
  • Build documentation