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MEMS Pro3D Solid Modeller

Affordable, easy-to-use 3D MEMS design environment for faster time to market

MEMS Pro – converts the 2-D layout from L-Edit MEMS to a foundry specific 3-D simulation model.

  • Create a MEMS 3D model from layout
  • Programmable layout editor with MEMS-friendly capabilities
  • Design rule checking for MEMS manufacturability
  • System-level simulation of MEMS devices and their IC counterpart
  • Complete layer & design geometry visualization
  • Automatic generation of behavioural models of the device
  • Import / export DXF (including boundary reconstruction during import)
  • Available for Windows & Linux

Digital twin flow supporting advanced 3D analysis

Export models of design variants to run simulation in 3D analysis programs.

Supports mechanical, thermal, acoustic, electrical, electrostatic, magnetic and fluid analyses.

A radical digital twin solution integrating with MEMS analysis and simulation partners