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Our analog mixed-signal, custom IC solution is a full design flow of integrated, best-in-class circuit simulators and Calibre, the industry solution for physical verification.

It provides a sophisticated and surprisingly easy to customise environment.

The end result is productivity, quality and total confidence.

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To get a clear understanding of the key parts of the the solution watch each of these short videos. Whilst they have been composed as a ‘playlist’ each can be viewed standalone.

#1 From ‘concept to GDSII’

Conquer your IC design challenges

Used by engineers around the world, designs progress through a full flow solution from concept into front-end capture and simulation analysis, into back-end physical layout and verification and on to final full chip assembly before GDSII tapeout.

All popular foundries and processes are supported with Open-Access PDKs backed by by Siemens EDA foundry support team.

Silicon wafer with IC dies

Discover PDK foundry support from Siemens EDA

PDK support for all popular foundries and process nodes down to 22nm backed up by Siemens EDA’s Foundry Support team.

Discover the Custom IC Design products

Symphony Platform

Industry’s fastest and most versatile mixed-signal platform The industry’s fastest and most configurable mixed-signal solution to accurately verify design functionality, connectivity, and performance across…

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L-Edit IC

L-Edit is a complete hierarchical physical layout tool with cross-probe to schematic, layout and LVS & full integration with Calibre.

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  • To boldly find a better Analog Custom IC Design solution

    Are you looking for a highly productivity solution for your Custom IC design flow?
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    Understand what the Siemens full flow, Analog Custom IC Design solution can do for you today.