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Tanner Waveform Viewer

An intuitive interface for viewing, comparing and analyzing simulation results

Tanner Waveform Viewer (formerly known as W:Edit) provides an intuitive multiple-window, multiple-chart interface for easy viewing of waveforms and data in highly configurable formats.

  • Dynamically linked to Tanner T-Spice simulation and Tanner S-Edit schematic capture
  • Waveform cross-probing directly in the schematic editor
  • Easily handles large (10GB+) data files
  • Available for Windows or Linux
  • Create new traces based on mathematical expressions of other traces for advanced analysis and easy comparison with measured data max, min, average, intersect, rms, over/undershoot, amplitude, error, crossing, delay, period, frequency, rise/falltime, jitter, pulse width, settling time, integral, derivative, duty cycle, and slew rate

Automatically calculate & display FFT results

  • dB or linear magnitude
  • Wrapped or unwrapped phase
  • Use for real or imaginary parts

Intuitive, easy-to-use features

  • Dynamic annotations
  • Scripting
  • High-performance trace navigator

Run-time updates

See simulation results as they are being generated