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Summer 2024 – Introducing new services to enhance productivity

EDA Solutions strives to provide the best possible advice and training, enabling customer to maximise the return on their investment in Siemens EDA & Galaxy Semiconductor solutions.

In this spirit, we are proud to announce a new Custom Success Management (CSM) program and the availability of three new service-based products. 

The CSM program will make us more proactive supporting customers like yourself.  And the new service products employ our specialist EDA know-how and experience to work for you, freeing your resources to focus where it matters most, chip design.

  • Managed EDA       –   Outsource EDA tool and PDK set-up to EDA experts. 
  • Managed Cloud    –  Take advantage of AWS cloud compute power to scale with your requirements.
  • Premium Support –  Engage for higher priority projects or to always prioritise your engineer’s productivity. 
Discover now…

Custom IC Design

Complete integrated design tool flows for analog, RF and mixed signal IC design down to 22nm.

IC Test

Design-for-Test and data analysis technology for best-in-class test coverage and yield ramp management.

Analog /Mixed-Signal Verification

A comprehensive verification portfolio for custom analog and mixed-signal IC design

Integrated Photonics

A photonics solution for the IC designer integrating photonics into the IC.

Physical Verification

Physical verification for IC design with Siemens EDA industry leading solution, Calibre®, for accuracy, reliability, and performance.

MEMS Design

A MEMS foundry-proven design flow with 3D design and fabrication. Built on the gold standard for MEMS layout implementation and enables integration of the MEMS device with IC circuitry.


Are you looking for a highly productivity solution for your Custom IC design flow?

Is it time to change your solution for one which is cost effective rather than cost prohibitive?

Or would you value more support from a team who puts you first?

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