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Foundry certified accuracy

Circuit Designers face stringent circuit verification and noise analysis, and safety requirements for their precision high-performance analog and mixed-signal IP.

With foundry-certified accuracy, AFS delivers nanometer SPICE accuracy > 5x faster than traditional SPICE and > 2x faster than parallel SPICE simulators.  For large post-layout circuits, the new AFS eXTreme technology delivers over 100M-element capacity and >3x faster than post-layout simulators.

More than 175 companies use the AFS Platform for their toughest circuit verification challenges, including high-speed I/Os, PLLs, ADCs/DACs, CMOS image sensors, RFICs, and embedded memory.

  • AFS Circuit Simulator - 5x-10x faster than traditional SPICE
  • AFS Transient Noise - validated to within 1–2 dB of silicon
  • AFS RF - including Shooting Newton (SN) & Harmonic Balance (HB) analysis
  • AFS Mega - extending AFS for capacity, performance

Fastest nanometer-accurate circuit simulation

  • Certified to FinFET process by leading foundries
  • > 5× faster than traditional SPICE
  • > 2x faster than parallel SPICE
  • AFS eXTreme technology available at no additional cost

Fastest mixed-signal simulation

  • Supports all leading digital solvers
  • Best-in-class usability, allowing maximum reuse of verification infrastructure
  • Advanced verification and debug capabilities to improve verification coverage

Fastest variation-aware design & verification

  • Improved design quality, and time-to-market
  • SPICE accurate, high-sigma verification
  • > 1000x faster than brute-force simulation
  • Easy to use, and deploy