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Customer Success Management

Elevating your success

At EDA Solutions Limited, we’ve made a strategic decision to integrate Customer Success Management (CSM) into our operations.  Through CSM, we aim to deliver not only professional-grade software but also personalized support akin to the dedicated service offered by smaller-scale companies.  Our commitment lies in prioritizing our customers, ensuring they harness the full potential of our products, and guiding them on their journey toward achieving their goals.  We’ve introduced new initiatives at EDA Solutions to actively contribute to the success of you and your company, solidifying our dedication to providing an exceptional experience.

Proactive partnerships

We firmly believe that success is nurtured in proactive partnerships where both teams actively contribute to shared goals. We will strive to align our customers objectives and to foster a collaborative and fruitful partnership.

What will we do?

EDA Solutions Customer Success Manager‘s foremost objective is to support a personalized approach to all customers.

The nature of all engineers is that they try to solve all the problems themselves. In doing so we find many customers overlook the support services that they are not only entitled to but more importantly could solve some of the problems more quickly.

Our Customer Success Manager aims to ensure customers are fully aware of all the help available from the wealth of online resources to the expert help available via EDA Solutions’ SupportHub.  

At the heart of CSM is an unwavering focus on customer satisfaction and success.  We are committed to building meaningful relationships, understanding your needs and assisting you in achieving your goals to the best of our capabilities.  

Investing for you

Looking ahead, we’re investing to deliver new service based products.

Enhanced SupportHub

SupportHub is EDA Solutions’ customer portal to access all aspects of support. But it is much more than just a place to submit ‘Support Request’ tickets.

The SupportHub is an intuitive support portal designed to streamline customer inquiries and assistance for our products.  Within the Hub, customers can submit Support Request tickets, enquire about the availability of PDKs (Process Design Kits) for our tools, access a comprehensive KnowledgeBase featuring articles on diverse topics, and stay informed about the latest developments at EDA Solutions. The SupportHub is your centralized platform for support on all questions and queries related to our products.  We understand the value of your time, and this enhancement provides you with quick and easy access to valuable resources at your fingertips.

Introducing Premium Support

Recognizing that your success demands exceptional service we have introducing a new tier for support called Premium Support.  Premium Support provides expedited assistance, prioritizing your Support Requests for a seamless and personalized experience.

Premium Support

Turbo boosted support

Managed Services

Our customers have told us that they want to focus on IC design and that managing EDA installations are a distraction. Managed Services provides EDA Solutions technical experts to unburden customers from these distractions.

Managed EDA

Let EDA Solutions manage your EDA installation via remote access tool. Your IC designers focus on design. Our EDA experts focus on your tool installations, licensing and PDK’s

Managed EDA

EDA experts to manage your EDA installation, remotely

Managed Cloud

An increasingly popular solution is to take another step and outsource your compute infrastructure and use secure, scalable, state-of–the-art Cloud infrastructure. Managed Cloud extends the Managed EDA service and seamlessly transitions your EDA infrastructure into an AWS cloud

Managed Cloud

Secure, scalable compute solution in the cloud