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When is outsourcing the management of your EDA environment the right choice?

Whether because of budgetary concerns, hiring challenges, unusual requirements or another reason, sometimes it is in a business’s best interest to outsource their EDA operations.

Our customers frequently tell us the biggest consideration is FOCUS.

An IC design engineer is a very precious resource and it is critical their time is spent developing a product. More time spent managing the EDA infrastructure of software & PDKs, client/server setup and user/environment configuration means less time focussing on the real job of IC design.

OK, just hand over the responsibility to internal IT? EDA infrastructure is full of nuances and technical complexities. To manage the EDA infrastructure requires specialist knowledge as well as an understanding of the tasks IC designers perform. The skill set of a generalist IT person just do not match. So time and time again the IC designer is diverted from actually designing.

At EDA Solutions, we have honed our expertise in managing EDA infrastructures over many years and we confidently assert that we are true experts in this field.

Why choose Managed EDA?

  • Collaboration with Industry Leaders: Our SupportHub engineers collaborate closely with our EDA partners, Siemens and Galaxy Semiconductor, as well as semiconductor foundries. This collaborative effort ensures that we have the best knowledge aligned with industry standards.
  • Packaged knowledge and experience: Drawing from our extensive knowledge and hands-on experience, we have curated a specialised outsourcing service: Managed EDA. This service allows you to tap into our expertise while focusing on your core business objectives.

When a task is not contributing to your company’s competitive advantage, why invest precious internal resources when it can be outsourced cost effectively to experts?

Discover the power of Managed EDA with EDA Solutions. Let us handle the intricacies while you drive innovation.

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