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Galaxy Semiconductor Intelligence

Test data analytics throughout the semiconductor lifecycle

Galaxy is a total lifecycle solution for semiconductor test data analytics from initial device characterization— to automated yield and quality management—to RMA analysis.

Powerful and scalable intelligent data analytics

The solutions provide engineers and managers with “semiconductor intelligence” that enables better decision making and process improvement.

Semiconductor Intelligence


Discover how to analyse test data, the impact of tuning specifications and how to automatically produce required documentation.


Ideal for device characterization, reliability assessment and yield analysis. Examinator-Pro is a scalable solution for product and test engineers from first silicon through production.

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Offers unattended monitoring, scheduled reporting,and real-time alerts. Ensure that production stays within the expected yield parameters and equipping engineers with the tools for detailed analysis when anomalies arise.

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Excels in detecting and excluding outlier devices that could compromise long-term reliability. It balances defects per million and yield, integrating with existing test environments to deliver industry-leading DPM reduction.

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Parsing Wizard

Galaxy Semiconductor’s supports over 120 test data formats. For other formats, Galaxy’s Parsing Wizard helps to easily import custom data without any custom parsers or development.

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