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Solido Design Environment

Verification of memory, standard cell and analog/RF custom IC design

Comprehensive AI-powered design environment
for all nominal and variation-aware verification of custom IC circuitry enabling full design coverage in orders-of-magnitude fewer simulation and with the accuracy of brute force techniques.

Brute force-accurate signoff variation 1000X faster

  • Orders of magnitude faster than brute-force simulation
  • Full coverage verification across PVTs and Monte Carlo
  • Brute-force Monte Carlo and SPICE accurate high-sigma verification
  • Variation-aware design sensitivity, debugging and optimisation
  • Comprehensive design environment, improves engineering efficiency
  • Significantly reduces documentation time/effort
  • Identifies design weaknesses previously undetectable

Easy to use and deploy

  • Intuitive GUI for interactive design and analysis
  • GUI or batch mode
  • Works with all process technologies
  • Integrated with leading design
  • Supports most commercial and in-house SPICE simulators