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L-Edit IC

Custom IC schematic driven layout for analog mixed signal design built on standards, OpenAccess, iPDK and TCL.

Analog mixed-signal IC physical design

Create layouts that match the schematic the first time, maximising efficiency and reducing the CAD manager’s support burden.  Get up and running easily with platform independence and flexible licensing.

  • Real-time net fly-lines
  • Integration with Calibre
  • Geometry marking/highlighting/by net
  • ECO tracking
  • Recognised for its ease-of-use and corresponding quick learning curve
  • Available for Linux and Windows

Complete hierarchical physical layout

Rich environment with a host of ease-of use features, including:

  • Object-snapping
  • Node highlighting
  • Macro support
  • Layout generators

Direct Calibre integration

  • Tanner L-Edit Integration with Calibre nmDRC and nmLVS
  • Use interactive DRC to fix violations in real time while you edit your layout
  • Node highlighting for connectivity visualisation
  • Parasitic extraction with Calibre xRC

Schematic Driven Layout enhancements in release 2020.3

Tanner’s SDL router takes you from schematic to a chip layout as efficiently as possible.

This video demonstrates three enhancements which speed up layout and help you tweak the tool to the way you work.

Supports critical industry standards

  • OpenAccess read/write
  • Schematic-driven layout (SDL) support
  • Uses netlist files in T-Spice HSPICE, PSpice, structural Verilog, or CDL formats

Optimized performance

Fast rendering speeds and interactive, real-time design rule checking (DRC)

Extensive array of tool options and add-ons

Extend Tanner L-Edit IC capabilities with specialty tools and modules, including Tanner SDL Router.

L-Edit drawing features demonstrated

Calibre RealTime operating from within L-Edit