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Industry’s fastest and most versatile mixed-signal platform

Symphony’s modular architecture leverages Analog FastSPICE (AFS) circuit simulator to provide the fastest mixed-signal simulation performance with nanometer (nm) SPICE accuracy and capacity of 20M SPICE elements. With Symphony customers can achieve an average 2X performance over previous generation mixed signal simulators. Symphony has been proven on a wide range of ICs and IC subsystems including ADCs, transceivers, PMICs, multi-GHz PLLs/DLLs, SerDes and sensors.

The Symphony Mixed-Signal Platform is tightly integrated with Solido™ Variation Designer to enable top level and sub-system variation aware design and verification.  The integration provides mixed-signal variation aware verification with statistical predictions on complex mixed-signal designs in orders-of magnitude fewer simulations, with the accuracy of brute force techniques.


Symphony product summaryFastest accurate mixed-signal simulation

  • Fully leverages AFS advantages
  • Foundry certified nm SPICE accuracy
  •  > 5-10x faster analog solver than traditional SPICE solvers
  • > 2-6x faster analog solver than parallel SPICE solvers

Fully configurable architecture

  • Fit-to-Purpose architecture & design aware technologies
  • Supports industry-leading digital solvers
  • Provides maximum reuse of verification infrastructure
  • Integrated into leading schematic capture flows

Best-in-class usability

  • Support for analog/digital-centric flows
  • Ability to reuse A/D command line arguments
  • Powerful A/D boundary element support
  • Save/Restore capability for enhanced productivity

Advanced verification & debug

  • Mixed-signal Hi-Z detection
  • Solido™ Variation Designer integration
  • Transient noise analysis
  • BE Visualizer with cross-probing for visual context-based debugging
  • Tcl interactive mode for runtime debugging