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Calibre circuit verification & reliability

The industry-leading Calibre circuit verification tool suite includes layout vs. schematic (LVS) checking, reliability verification and parasitic extraction.

These tools provide sign-off quality results, as well as integration into Siemens EDA and 3rd-party products for circuit simulation and other downstream requirements.


Calibre nmLVS delivers accurate circuit behaviour with precise device parameters, while parasitic extraction tools provide the accurate and high-performance extraction required for all design styles.


Designers rely on the accuracy of Calibre predictions for silicon performance and reliability to achieve first-time product success.

Calibre nmLVS

Calibre® nmLVS, the market-leading layout vs. schematic physical verification tool, is tightly linked with both Calibre nmDRC and Calibre xRC™ to deliver production-proven…

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Calibre xACT

The Calibre xACT tool delivers reference-level accuracy for leading-edge FinFET, custom, analog and RF designs.  It is a versatile parasitic extraction platform with…

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Calibre xL

The Calibre xL tool offers designers fast, and accurate extraction of full-chip frequency dependent loop inductance and loop resistance and automatically accounts for return…

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Reliability verification

Calibre reliability verification ensures designs are protected against early device failure and long-term performance degradation. A novel logic-driven layout analysis combines schematic and layout parameters for precise, accurate analysis of complex reliability concerns not possible with traditional verification tools.

Calibre PERC

Calibre® PERC™ reliability verification solution Designed to address advanced circuit verification needs for electrostatic discharge (ESD), electrical over-stress (EOS), signals crossing multiple power domains advanced ERC…

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