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Calibre PERC

Circuit reliability checking enabling a vast range of IC checks not possible with traditional verification tools.

Calibre® PERC™ reliability verification solution

Designed to address advanced circuit verification needs for electrostatic discharge (ESD), electrical over-stress (EOS), signals crossing multiple power domains advanced ERC and other reliability concerns.

Fully compatible with the Calibre Design Solutions Platform, Calibre PERC integrates easily into existing customer sign-off flows.

  • Advanced reliability verification – Processes the most complex circuit reliability requirements of today’s leading-edge technologies
  • Automated checking – Insert reli-ability checks into existing design flows for cell, block, and full-chip verification
  • Fully compatible – Rule decks available from major foundries
  • Customisable – Programmable SVRF and the Tcl-based TVF platform provide a highly flexible, user-configurable tool for fast and accurate development of customised rules
  • Netlist-based – Analyses source or layout SPICE netlists
  • Fast runtime – Proprietary auto-mated hierarchical and logic injection technologies provide a scalable solution with fast runtimes.


Foundry rule decks

Understanding the foundry view of reliability on your design is necessary for a comprehensive reliability verification strategy.

Foundry qualified and supported rule decks are essential to establishing this reliability baseline, not only to guide improvements, but also to establish best practices with internal and 3rd party IP through full-chip sign-off.


Electrostatic discharge solutions

When verifying the robustness of your electrostatic discharge (ESD) protection strategy in your design, it is essential to ensure sufficiently-sized devices and interconnect are where they need to be.

Understanding the performance of these critical design elements requires a combination of topology, layout and interconnect robustness capabilities in a context-aware environment.


Context-aware verification

Target verification rules with precision by leveraging rule deck defined circuit structures in the schematic or layout. Being able to identify the absence of required circuit elements, such as protection devices or level-shifters, is of equal importance.

Find your way through the unique complexities of each design with context-aware verification.