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Calibre xL

Calibre xL extraction highly correlates with field solvers and provides silicon-tested accuracy.

The Calibre xL tool offers designers fast, and accurate extraction of full-chip frequency dependent loop inductance and loop resistance and automatically accounts for return path change with frequency.

Fast accurate extraction of frequency-dependent effects

With increasing operating frequencies, interconnect lines exhibit inductive effects with significant impact on chip behaviour and performance.

Parasitic on-chip inductance extraction is crucial for accurate simulation and timely tape-out of high-frequency RF, mixed signal and custom digital designs.


Frequency-dependent loop inductance and resistance

Full-chip, high-performance, parasitic self-inductance extraction. Accurate extraction of frequency-dependent loop inductance and resistance. Efficient, realizable model order (RLC) reduction. Return-path selection and net-based extraction frequency selection.


Fully integrated into Calibre and other Sstandard slows

Fully integrated with Calibre LVS, xACT, and xRC tools. Enables accurate analysis of high frequency effects in nanometer technology. Provides manageable netlists and mixed-level outputs for easy re-simulation without loss of accuracy. Provides highly correlated field solver and silicon-tested accuracy for on analog, RF and custom digital nanometer designs.