wafer iconSemiconductor Intelligence Suite

Quantix™ offers a total lifecycle solution for semiconductor test data analytics from initial device characterization— to automated yield and quality management—to RMA analysis.

Quantix solutions provide engineers and managers with "semiconductor intelligence" that enables better decision making and process improvement.

The products are all based on a common architecture and use model, which makes it easy to scale up your yield and quality management activities as your business grows.

[ Galaxy Semiconductor, a leading provider of test data analysis and defect reduction for the semiconductor industry was acquired by Mentor Graphics in October, 2016, and is now called the Quantix™ Group. Read the announcement.]

Examinator Pro


The de facto industry standard for semiconductor test data analysis, including device characterization, test program qualification, reliability analysis, and yield analysis from standard data files.



Intelligent, automated outlier detection and removal to help companies meet stringent quality and reliability requirements for automotive, medical and mobile applications.



Enterprise yield management to help fabless companies, IDMs and test subcons automate the management of production test yields across the supply chain.