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Examinator-Pro offers product and test engineers everything to characterise new ICs and test programs, quickly ramp up production at OSATs and identify and diagnose yield excursions. 


Standard test data files including STDF, ATDF, PCM and more than 100 other data-log formats are quickly and easily turned into comprehensive reports from which you can interactively drill down into the data for root-cause analysis.

Typical Examinator-Pro applications include:

  • Advanced device characterisation and reliability analysisTest program prove-in/limit tuning
  • Tester, load-board correlation studies
  • Test time optimisation
  • Subcontractor qualification
  • Root cause analysis for yield issues

The majority of Galaxy’s 7500+ users are product, test and applications engineers from fabless, IDM, subcontractor and ATE companies.   These engineers use Examinator-Pro to conduct characterisation of early samples then qualify the product and test hardware before the production ramp using repeatability, correlation, and reliability analysis.  Once the production volumes ramp Examinator-Pro is used again to diagnose yield excursions.

Given the billions of data points and the time pressure to resolve issues quickly, rapid data analysis is critical.   Examinator-Pro has become the de facto industry standard and is used by applications engineers at the top 3 ATE companies: Advantest, Teradyne and Xcerra.

  • Developed explicitly for semiconductor test data analysis
  • Architected to manage huge data sets with ease
  • Straight forward to use and master
  • Built with all the reports & charting tools a semiconductor test engineer would expect