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L-Edit MEMS is the gold standard 3D MEMS design platform of choice. The Digital Twin of the MEMS devices begins with the design capture in L-Edit. MEMS designers benefit from a unified environment that supports MEMS device design, fabrication modeling and links to FEM analysis tools.

Complete environment for MEMS design

  • True curve support
  • Enhanced Boolean operations
  • Advanced editing support:
    • Object snapping
    • Base point
    • Alignment
    • Chamfer/Fillet
    • Technology configurable
  • Component libraries enabling design reuse
  • Design rule checking

MEMS Digital Twin Flow

  • Solid Modeling with SoftMEMS
    • Create a 3D solid model from layout data and fabrication process description
    • Gives 3D graphical representation of MEMS fabrication process
    • Export models to FEM/BEM simulators for 3D Analysis
  • Multi-physics simulation with popular FEM analysis tools
    • Ansys, Comsol and OnScale