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Custom IC Design solution

Analog, mixed-signal and RF custom IC’s require a number of specialist design tools to go from concept through to GDSII tape out. These videos present the main element of the full flow, Custom IC Design Solution from Siemens EDA and is based on market leading brands of Calibre, Analog FastSPICE and Tanner. Each chapter explains salient aspects of the tools which collectively provide an integrated design flow starting with the concept and finishing at GDSII tapeout.

New features in the Custom IC Design solution

Now referred to as Siemens EDA’s Custom IC Design solution, Tanner AMS IC Design is built for productivity and the most complex IC designs. Each release aims to optimise the job of the Design and Layout engineer, accelerating some steps and eliminating others.

Product release 2020.3

Product release 2020.1

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