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‘Quick Video’ Series

Learn a lot in 2 minutes and find your “Aha!” moment.

That 'aha' moment

Instinctively you know when something could be done better or quicker (or cheaper).  But finding the solution, that “Aha..!, light bulb or eureka” moment, can be difficult.

New for 2023, EDA Solutions is releasing a of short videos, typically around 2 minutes, to illustrate essential functionality or recently released capabilities and concepts in the Siemens EDA Custom IC Design & Galaxy Semiconductor solutions.

We hope these will give you your “Aha..!” moment.

The products contained in Siemens EDA’s Custom IC Design solution include Tanner Library Manager, S-Edit, L-Edit and Designer tools in tandem with Calibre, Analog Fast Spice (AFS).

And for Galaxy Semiconductor the tools are Examinator Pro, Pat-Man and Yield-Man.

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