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EDA Solutions offers a productive and cost-effective solution to most customers' needs in mixed signal ASIC design. Targeting "Big-A Little-D" designs in the mainstream mixed signal technologies to around 65nm, the heart of the solutions is the Mentor, Tanner AMS IC design flow.


Bringing together sophisticated products from Incentia Design Systems and Syntest, EDA Solutions provides a fully integrated solution which adds synthesis, timing and power optimisation, DFT, ATPG and area optimised place and route, including clock insertion, and back annotation of layout parasitics.

Place and Route

Tanner EDA Place and Route tool is fully integrated with Tanner L-Edit, and addresses the physical implementation of the digital needs of Analog on Top Designs. More and more analog designs are becoming digitally-assisted resulting in more digital content to enhance analog capabilities such as automated calibration and more programmability. The P&R solutions includes timing driven P&R and supports a low power methodology including floorplan and power plan functionality.

Functional Verification

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Digital Physical Implementation Software Tools


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