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Calibre Auto-Waivers

Eliminates costly time and effort from the verification process & ensures accurate processing of all waiver information on every DRC run

Automated waiver removal during Calibre nmDRC runs

The Calibre Auto-Waivers tool significantly reduces debug time, without the risk of accidentally waiving true design rule errors.  The solution accurately accounts for waivers across cell hierarchies without placing a significant burden on the user.

The link between IP designer and chip designer with Calibre Auto-Waiver

  • Automated waiver removal during DRC
  • Accurate and consistent waiver processing
  • Standardized, auditable waiver record
  • Uses existing industry standard formats and tools


Automated waiver analysis across designs and processes

The Calibre Auto-Waivers tool permanently saves waivers and their associated text to a specific geometry layer, providing a standardized, consistent waiver record. This waiver record not only enables automated waiver removal during DRC, but also enables historical waiver analysis across designs and processes.


No need for foundry rule file modification

The Calibre Auto-Waivers tool implements waiver management automatically during a Calibre nmDRC run, without any need to modify foundry rule files.


Promoted cell results are still waived

The Calibre Auto-Waivers engine is hierarchically invariant, so even if violations for a specific cell are promoted up or pushed down in the hierarchy, the Calibre Auto-Waivers process can still waive the results correctly.