Galaxy Semiconductor’s Predictive Analytics in Chips Manufacturing

In today’s fast-paced and competitive global economy, manufacturers face many supply chain risks that can impact their bottom line. From unexpected equipment failures and downtime to quality control issues and delivery delays, these risks can cause significant disruptions to production schedules and result in lost revenue, increased costs, and damaged…

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Where are they now?

May 2023 EDA Solutions has sponsored an impressive cohort of UKESF scholars.  Discover the journey, experiences, and thoughts of four past scholars and follow how UKESF has shaped and guided their careers to where they are now. Read the article on the UKESF web site.

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News from Siemens EDA: Siemens‘ state-of-the-art Symphony Pro platform expands mixed signal IC verification capabilities

11th July 2022 Siemens launch Symphony Pro Siemens’ advanced mixed-signal simulation platform accelerates mixed-signal verification and helps boost productivity Symphony Pro supports Accellera and other advanced digital verification methodologies for today’s leading-edge mixed-signal designs To address the design verification challenges of the world’s most complex mixed-signal…

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