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The industry’s first end-to-end silicon IP quality assurance for IC design. Solido IP Validation suite offers the fastest, most comprehensive integrated IP validation solution, providing complete, seamless IP QA from design to tape-out, across all design views and IP revisions.

Solido Crosscheck

Complete IP QA for in-view and cross-view IP validation

  • Comprehensive IP validation framework with 300+ IP QA checks
  • Accelerates design turnaround time & improves silicon quality by identifying potential IP issues early in the flow

Solido IPdelta

Scalable, repeatable, and comprehensive version-to-version IP QA solution

  • Speeds up IP revision cycles by confirming expected changes and identifying unexpected changes
  • Ensures a high-quality IP revision at every iteration

On-demand webinar

Comprehensive IP validation with Solido Crosscheck

Watch this on-demand webinar to learn how to improve IP quality and prevent late-stage tapeout surprises.