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Calibre interfaces

Interfacing with all major custom design tools, place and route systems and a wide range of specialty design tools provides customers with choice.

Interfaces bring the power of Calibre sign-off engines to designers throughout the design flow, enabling early detection and correction of manufacturing issues.


Deploying foundry verification decks to design flows is challenging. Calibre interface products enable designers to harness the power of Calibre sign-off engines in their design flows and to act on physical verification results quickly, improving designer productivity.

Calibre RealTime Custom

Calibre DRC confidence in Custom Design The award-winning Calibre RealTime Custom interface lets custom/AMS IC designers perform fixes and what-if analysis during implementation, and adjust…

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Calibre RealTime Digital

The Calibre RealTime Digital interface enables on-demand Calibre sign-off design rule checking for digital design flows, enabling physical design and verification engineers to optimise their…

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Calibre RVE

Debugging the error results of physical and circuit verification is costly, both in time and resources. Calibre RVE provides fast, flexible, easy-to-use graphical debugging capabilities…

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Calibre Interactive

Calibre Interactive GUI gives users access to the Calibre RVE interface, the robust and easy-to-use results viewing environment. Deploy foundry decks to design flows The…

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