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Calibre Interactive

Calibre® Interactive™ is the invocation GUI for Calibre DRC™, LVS and xRC™ tools for physical verification and parasitic extraction. It’s easily accessed from the menu bar within popular layout design environments.

Calibre Interactive GUI gives users access to the Calibre RVE interface, the robust and easy-to-use results viewing environment.

Deploy foundry decks to design flows

The Calibre Interactive interface is integrated with all major custom design and P&R tools, as well as a wide range of specialty design tools, to offer the same look-and-feel and user experience when initiating verification runs across multiple foundry methodologies and process nodes.

  • Enables interactive cell/block and full-chip verification
  • Flexible, customizable interface
  • Speeds the iterative process of physical verification through direct invocation from layout window
  • Allows users to make iterative verification runs very quickly
  • Supports "runsets" that contain settings such as rule file names, run directories, etc.
  • Uses environment variables for further customization and flexibility


Integration with layout and schematic environments

The Calibre Interactive interface provides the same user-experience across design environments, delivering a single, consistent interface to launch Calibre jobs. This consistency improves productivity while minimizing training and support overhead.



The setup for Calibre jobs is encapsulated in a single runset file, simplifying setup and maintenance while enhancing reproducibility.