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Licensing Tanner Tools 2018.x and earlier with node-locked USB dongle based licenses

Published by Khalid Teama – Latest Update 10/5/2023

Post categoryTanner Tools
Operating systemsWindows/Linux
Versions affected2018 and older
Relevant area(s)Licensing


Users wanting to use Tanner Tools v2018.X releases and older using node locked USB dongle licenses must perform an update to the installation files in order to license with the most recent versions of FlexNet licensing. Tanner Tools v2018.x releases and earlier have been using the Mentor Standard Licensing scheme which had several updates since then, including updates to the hardware drivers of the USB dongles. Without this update, old tool revisions will fail to license in the most recent version of FlexNet licensing that is node locked based on USB dongles.


  1. Have Tanner Tools v2018.x or an earlier version installed on your computer
  2. Have the most recent version of Tanner Tools installed on your computer (at the time of writing this KB, for example, it is 2022.2 Update 3)
  3. Have the USB dongle

All revisions of Tanner tools can be downloaded from the Siemens EDA Support Center portal.


Please follow these steps to resolve the license issue in older revisions:

  1. Locate “mgls64.dll” under the Tanner Tools installation directory of the old version
  2. Rename the file to a back up name so you can return to it if needed, for example, rename the file to “mgls64.dll.bak”
  3. Locate “mgls64.dll” under the Tanner Tools installation directory of the new version
  4. Copy “mgls64.dll” from the new version of the tools, to the older version of the tools

Please test licensing again to check if its working. If not, please feel free to open a ticket with us to examine the problem closely.