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Celebrating Excellence: Raymond Liu, BrightSparks Winner 2023

Raymond Liu with BrightSparks award

November 2023

The Electronics Weekly BrightSparks 2023 Elektra Awards have once again shone a spotlight on the brightest minds in the UK’s electronic engineering landscape.  Among these exceptional young talents is Raymond Liu, a student at the University of Warwick, who has not only demonstrated outstanding skills but has also made remarkable contributions during his internship at EDA Solutions.

Raymond is a dedicated student but a versatile individual. In his leisure time, he indulges in his passions for baking, plays the violin, and enjoys swimming.  His adventurous spirit was evident in September 2022 when he triumphantly checked off hiking up Mt. Kilimanjaro from his bucket list.

At the core of Raymond’s aspirations is a fascination for electronics post-graduation, he envisions a career in product or IC design, with a focus on creating a positive impact on others.

In July 2022, Raymond undertook an internship as an IC design software support engineer with EDA Solutions Limited in Fareham. The internship was provided through UK Electronics Skills Foundation (UKESF).  EDA Solutions has been a committed supporter of the program since its 2013 and have sponsored 10 UKESF Scholars through the program.

Ray at Mt. Kilimanjaro

Raymond worked closely with EDA Solutions Technical Manager, Khalid Teama. Khalid expressed, “Raymond proved himself to a highly motivated individual, always willing to go the extra mile to get the job done.  We are very proud that Ray is our second BrightSparks winner. Ray was a truly exception intern and we know he’s going to achieve great things in his future career.”

EDA Solutions extends heartfelt congratulations to Raymond Liu and all the exceptional winners of a BrightSparks Award.  As a company dedicated to innovation and mentorship, we remain committed to supporting and endorsing UKESF’s vision to champion the growth and development of young engineers.