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L-Edit Photonics

L-Edit Photonics offers a complete solution for the design capture and manual implementation and verification of an integrated photonics design.

L-Edit Photonics extends the full-featured layout editor L-Edit to support manual layout of integrated photonic designs.

It enables the creation of a design that contains both photonic waveguides and the associated electrical components with a drag-and-drop methodology.

Designers can place optical components from a foundry-provided PDK and connect them with curved waveguides.  Crossings can be inserted where necessary.

L-Edit Photonics precision-snaps waveguides to optical pins to ensure a perfect waveguide to device connection.

Electrical components can also be placed and interconnected.  Once the design is completed, a simulation netlist can be extracted.


  • L-edit for layout-centric design where a schematic is not necessary. The benefit of this approach is that the physical layout is the “golden" design database.
  • S-Edit coupled with L-Edit for a schematic methodology.
  • The tool generates a netlist to use as input into a photonics simulator.
  • L-Edit Photonics partners with simulation vendors including Luceda, Lumerical, Optiwave, and VPIphotonics™.
  • Photonic PDKs available from multiple foundries The tool supports iPDK and Mentor-formatted PDKs.
  • Available on both Linux and Windows.