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Luceda Photonics delivers a silicon photonics IC solution in L-Edit Photonics [Whitepaper]

Because photonic IC designers need full control of their design framework to ensure that the IC they fabricate exactly matches their design, and they need to conquer the challenges of photonic circuits, Luceda Photonics created the IPKISS.eda design framework. This framework is built on the Tanner L-Edit layout editor which seamlessly interfaces to the Tanner CalibreĀ® One physical verification suite.

L-Edit combined with the IPKISS library of parameterized photonic components and process development kits (PDKs) gives designers the ability to drag and drop photonic components into their layouts. They can connect them through waveguides, while having full control over cross-section shapes, bends, and trajectories. Post-layout effects, such as reflections and attenuation caused by waveguide crossings, are taken into account using the IPKISS.eda compact model simulator.

This paper provides an introduction to silicon photonics, covers the unique design and verification challenges, and shows how Luceda Photonics solved these challenges.