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Total cycle time is on the rise due to more complex and larger designs, higher error counts and more verification iterations. Calibre® nmDRC responds to the need for reduced cycle time with revolutionary new capabilities that differentiate Calibre nmDRC substantially from traditional DRC tools.

Key features of Calibre nmDRC

  • Fast turnaround: Hyperscaling provides fast DRC run time and high CPU scalability
  • Advanced checking: Equation-based DRC enables advanced checking without complex rule decks for reduced area and improved tolerance to manufacturing variability
  • Investment protection: Straight drop-in to existing DRC flows. Leveraging over 3.5 million lines of SVRF code from 250nm to 45nm process nodes protects your investment in flow infrastructure, training, and rule decks
  • Parallel debugging: Speeds identification, analysis and correction of violations by enabling a concurrent work flow
  • Faster time-to-yield: Model-based verification, analysis, and visualization guide you to the errors that truly impact yield