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How to use a Node-Locked Certificate License for Galaxy Semiconductor Examinator

As of April 2022 Galaxy is issuing certificate licenses.  This article is about how to use a certificate-mode node-locked license with Examinator.   

This article is valid for Examinator-Pro V8.0.0 and later.

Step 1: Get the certificate license from sales@eda-solutions.com

  • Sales will send you a license file

Step 2: Start Examinator-Pro with Welcome Argument

  • Launch Examinator using the -w argument
  • OR Double-click the Examinator-Pro Shortcut

Step 3: Select Standalone License Type

  • After the welcome screen appears select ‘Standalone’ and click ‘Next’

Step 4: Browse for the license file

  • A pop-up window will tell you, that it cannot find a license file. 
  • Click the Browse button to and select the license file.

Step 5: Examinator will launch

The .lic file will be renamed to ‘galaxy.lic’ and placed in respective location for each OS
Windows: C:/Users//GalaxySemi/ folder.
Linux: /home//GalaxySemi/galaxy.lic