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How to Get Your HostID with lmhostid utility for Galaxy Semiconductor

When you request a new license, you will need to provide your computer’s HostID (i.e. mac address) to EDA Solutions Sales (sales@eda-solutions.com). You will be sent a license file for that computer.

These instructions explain how to get your hostid using the lmhostid utility.

Step 1: Download and Unzip the utility

Download Galaxy-Get-Hostid.zip here

  • The zip file will either be sent by email or made available for download.
  • If downloaded from the link above, the zip file will download with an encrypted name, for example:  4d3d1c_677e85a668d941a7b094f51b4512daf6.zip
  • Unzip the zipped file.
  • The unzipped contents will contain two folders:  windows/ and linux/, each with the lmhostid utility.  Choose the one appropriate for your operating system.

Step 2: Run lmhostid command to get the MAC address

  • Open a command prompt or terminal
  • Run the command lmhostid
  • Example output
  • Copy the values after “The FlexNet host ID of this machine is:” and save for the next step.
    • The MAC address will be 12 digit hexadecimal, for example ‘0123456789AB’
    • There might be two MAC addresses, like in the example above.  That’s OK, just send both.

Step 3: Send the MAC addresses to EDA Solutions

Send the MAC address to sales@eda-solutions.com.