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Read T-SPICE results in EZWave

Published by Jessica Masters – Latest update: 30/03/2022

ID: TN033
Relevant product(s): S-Edit, T-SPICE, EZ-Wave
Operating systems: Linux RHEL 6 and above
Versions affected: AMSV v2020.3 – Current
Relevant area(s): Usage


Simulations can be run in Tanner T-Spice and saved in Nutmeg format so that the results can be displayed in other applications such as EZ-Wave. This allows for simulations to be generated using a T-Spice license, and calculations and viewing can occur on an AMSV license.


Since AMSV v2020.3, EZ-Wave started supporting nutmeg binary output files generated by T-Spice. This enables T-Spice simulations to be opened in EZ-Wave.

To set the filetype in T-Spice to nutmeg binary format, the setting can be added in S-Edit simulation settings or by directly amending the netlist file. I have explained both methods below.

Via S-Edit:

  1. Open Setup > Simulation and change to the additional commands tab.
  2. Under Additional SPICE Commands, add the following line:

.OPTIONS filetype = rawbinary

  1. The simulation folder can be defined under the General tab and listed next to Simulation Results Folder

Via Netlist:

  1. Add the following command to the netlist file:

.OPTIONS filetype = rawbinary

  1. By default, the filetype command is set to tsimdb which is the format for Tanner Waveform Viewer

In EZ-Wave, open the <simulation_name>.raw file stored in the simulation results folder. This file contains the simulation results in nutmeg binary format.

Useful references

Documentation on the filetype SPICE command: https://docs.sw.siemens.com/en-US/product/862138555/doc/DC202103016.docs.tspice_useref.en_us/html/id719bda3a-ea69-4c10-bd23-aee6961afd8d?audience=external