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Change License Order

Published by Khalid Teama – Latest update: 19/01/2022

ID: TN025
Relevant product(s): Siemens FlexNet Licensing
Operating systems: RHEL 7 and above / Windows 10 and above
Versions affected: PCLS 2002.1 and above
Relevant area(s): Licensing


Controlling license order is particularly useful in the case of “station” licenses in the presence of additional atomics in the same make up as the station license. For example, if there were an additional Calibre nmDRC license in the presence of a Calibre PVS license, and it is desired to check out the nmDRC license rather than the PVS license. This article shows how to change the order of how licenses are obtained.


You can control the order in which licenses are obtained through the use of the MGLS_LICENSE_SOURCE variable. The following information is located in the Mentor Graphics online manual “Managing Mentor Graphics Software” in the section entitled “Mentor Graphics Licensing System”:


Specifies the order of the packages MGLS considers in license checkout requests. Normally licenses are considered in the order in which they appear in the license data file. You can use MGLS_LICENSE_SOURCE to prevent an application from taking a station or composite license when an application license is available. The list is a colon separated list of feature names that MGLS searches from left to right. You can include the keyword ANY at the end of the list, which allows MGLS to use any available license to satisfy the request after it checks the other sources listed. If you do not set MGLS_LICENSE_SOURCE, MGLS takes the first available license in the license data file.

For example, to search for a Calibre nmDRC license first, then a Calibre PVS license and finally any license that allows nmDRC to run, we use these commands and variables:

        $ MGLS_LICENSE_SOURCE= calibredrc:calibrepvs_s:ANY
        $ export MGLS_LICENSE_SOURCE

Regarding the use of ANY as described above, if MGLS_LICENSE_SOURCE is set and the last element is not ANY, it will search only for the licenses specified and no others.

Note: for licensing on Windows, the separator is a semicolon, not a colon:

MGLS_LICENSE_SOURCE= calibredrc;calibrepvs_s;ANY

Useful references

Siemens Support Center Knowledge Base Article MG7228: https://support.sw.siemens.com/en-US/knowledge-base/MG7228