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Execute L-Edit macros in command line mode (No GUI interaction)

Published by Jessica Masters – Latest update on 28/07/2021

ID: TN013
Relevant product(s): L-Edit
Operating systems: Windows 10, Linux RHEL 6 and above
Versions affected: 2020.1 and above
Relevant area(s): Automation


L-Edit can be launched from the command line, and various arguments can be used to launch a macro. This comes in handy when a user wants to open a design and run a macro automatically without performing GUI operations.


The flow described below performs the following actions using the command-line and without user GUI interaction.

  1. Open L-Edit
  2. Open the design
  3. Fill the design using a macro
  4. Save the design
  5. Close L-Edit

The syntax of the required command is as below:

 ledit64.exe -d <\path\to\lib.defs>?<name_of_top_library> -U <file_name_of_UPI_macro>

For example:

More information about supported L-Edit command line arguments can be found in the L-Edit user manual.

Ensure you include UPI functions that save the design or close L-Edit when macro execution completes.

For example:

To save the design


Close L-Edit after the macro completes


Issue 1: The system cannot find the file specified

The following error message is given when specifying long filenames or paths with spaces within the command line:

  The system cannot find the file specified

C:\Programs\Tanner tools\ledit64.exe -d C:\Documents\My Design\Example\lib.defs?Example -U C:\Documents\My Design\macro.cpp


Filenames or directory names require quotation marks around them when they are specified in a command prompt operation. Failure to use the quotation marks results in an error message.

The correct syntax is:

“C:\Programs\Tanner tools\ledit64.exe” -d “C:\Documents\My Design\Example\lib.defs?Example” -U “C:\Documents\My Design\macro.cpp”

Useful references

[1] Tanner L-Edit Reference Manual: https://docs.sw.siemens.com/en-US/product/862138555/doc/DC202101015.docs.ledit_ref.en_us/html/idf5a6180d-2ea4-40e5-b220-09362f5f53b6

[2] Tanner L-Edit User’s Manual: https://docs.sw.siemens.com/en-US/product/862138555/doc/DC202101015.docs.ledit_user.en_us/html/idf443ef58-b3cd-44b9-94c0-a4660b622b02