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Importing Spectre testbench settings in S-Edit

Published by Khalid Teama – Latest update on 7/7/2021

ID: TN006
Relevant product(s): S-Edit
Operating systems: Windows or Linux
Versions affected: 2018.x revisions and above
Relevant area(s): Usage / Automation


Spectre stores the simulation settings as “state” files within the design directory. It is possible to import these files into your design in S-Edit to restore the testbench’s simulation settings. Please note that this facility is a test feature in S-Edit and may not yield 100% success rate. Manual configuration and inspection of the outcome is to be expected.

This stage of porting the testbenches over into S-Edit can be done before or after you have mapped over your testbench components to S-Edit’s standard libraries. Please use the tech note here to learn how to map your testbench elements into S-Edit’s standard libraries.

The prerequisites for importing Spectre testbench settings into S-Edit are:

  • Possession of Spectre state files, which you can acquire from your Spectre testbench folder under the OpenAccess design directory
  • OpenAccess library containing your testbench schematic


Spectre state files can be imported into your testbench design in S-Edit using the following TCL command:

test adestate -help

Before attempting this command, please keep appropriate back up data of your original design.

The command above allows the user to import Spectre states entirely from a directory or as a single file, while also allowing control over the testbench name and scope of the import process.

To use this command please open the design and the cell of your testbench and execute it in the command window in S-Edit (View menu > Docking Views > Command Window).

The example below will import all state files in the directory “spectre_state1” under a testbench named “Spectre_Import” into your testbench cell in S-Edit:

test adestate -dir "I:\\spectre_state1" -testbench Spectre_Import

Below screen shots show settings and parameters are imported into the testbench “Spectre_Import”.

Command argument “-all” will import all state files found in the specified directory and all directories underneath it in a recursive manner.