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Map testbench elements from other vendors to Tanner’s standard libraries

Published by James Mutumba – Latest update on 28/6/2021

ID: TN002
Relevant product(s): S-Edit
Operating systems: Windows and Linux
Versions affected: All
Area: Automation


This article discusses how to map testbench elements that were created in other vendor’s tools into Tanner’s standard libraries. This process may not yield 100% mapping success as some manual work may be needed to map some elements, however it will help with mapping the majority of the testbench content.

Important notes:

  • Before making this mapping process, please ensure backups are kept safely of your original design. This script is used at the user’s own discretion, and the user takes the full responsibility to check and ensure the correctness of results and their implications 
  • Please make sure the AnalogLibMap.cmd file is satisfactorily written to map the elements per expectation


TannerPDK_Import_Fix.tbc is a script used to automatically map third party vendor’s standard library elements to their Tanner equivalents saving the user valuable time.

For this mapping to occur, two files are used i.e. TannerPDK_Import_Fix.tbc and AnalogLibMap.cmd. These files are stored under the examples directory of Tanner, which you can install from (Help > Setup examples and tutorial) and are located under the “Process/Standard_Libraries_160” folder.

The purposes of the above files are described below:

  • TannerPDK_Import_Fix.tbc: The script that will perform the mapping process
  • AnalogLibMap.cmd: The cmd (aka command file) contains how each element will map from the previous tool to Tanner’s standard libraries. Please feel free to open this file in a text editor to understand its contents

To perform the mapping, follow the simple steps below:

  1. Navigate to the design lib.defs file and open it in a text editor
  2. Remove the other vendor’s library (e.g. analoglib) entry and ensure to include the standard_libraries_160 library. This library ships with Tanner examples, which you can install from (Help > Setup examples and tutorial) and is located under the “Process” folder
  3. Open the design in S-Edit
  4. In the top menu bar, go to File -> Open -> Execute Script
  1. Locate and select the TannerPDK_Import_Fix.tbc in the Standard_Libraries_160 directory.

Ensure to select All files to make this file visible.

  1. In S-Edit’s commandline, type the command PostProcessImportedDesign

In the resulting explorer window, select the AnalogLibMap.cmd file