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Paul Double is EDA Solutions founder and Managing Director. Following several years working for Phillips, Paul spent eight years in Design Consultancy and EDA Software sales before founding EDA Solutions, first with Rood Technology and later with Acapella. It was with Acapella that Paul gained his extensive experience with the Tanner tools and came to appreciate the benefits of MPW's fully. Paul supports sales in South/West Europe, including Benelux, France, Greece, Italy, Portugal and Spain.

Responsible for marketing and business development is Pete Davy. Pete has held senior marketing roles covering strategy, field operations and product management. His career has been vested in EDA, semiconductor and electronic systems working across Europe, Israel and USA.

In Austria, Germany and Switzerland we have Peter Kaiser looking after SME software accounts. Peter is an experienced IC designer and shares his time between software sales and IC design consulting.

Looking after sales in the UK and Scandinavia is Fraser Morgan. With a Bachelor's degree in Electronic Engineering, Fraser first joined EDA Solutions as part of Shell Engineering student program helping to create design kits and provide technical support.

Heading up Technical Support at EDA Solutions is Khalid Teama and John Brunt.

Khalid Teama has a wealth of experience focusing on the Tanner EDA flows for Analog, Digital and Mixed-Signal designs. He has co-authored the official Tanner EDA training courses provided by Mentor worldwide and has also been part of many Process Design Kit development projects for a broad range of technology nodes between 350nm down to 40nm.

John is an experienced and published engineer with a broad spectrum of skills including Foundry Application Engineering, RF Design and Sales Support. With over 25 years of knowledge of the semiconductor industry, John has worked for Global Foundries, IBM Microelectronics, Ericsson Mobile Platforms, Matra Marconi Space UK and Plessey Avionics.

Supporting the Sales and Technical Support teams are Office Manager Ann Owen and Finance Director Heidi Double. Ann looks after all internal sales activities, from the processing of orders and invoices to the distribution of evaluation software and license files. With her many years of experience in office administration, Ann is slowly bringing Paul up to her high levels of tidy efficiency. Heidi is responsible for all financial and HR matters at EDA Solutions.

Skills for the Future

The business is committed to supporting skills and education for the engineers of the future.  EDA Solutions has been an active support of UK Electronics Skills Foundation (UKESF) providing an undergraduate engineering internship since 2010.

Our 2017-18 intern Herman Larsen (University of York) was one of Electronics Weekly's 2018 Bright Sparks   

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