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Tanner AMS IC Design

Full-featured, integrated solution

The Tanner AMS IC Design platform is an analog mixed-signal design flow providing design capture, simulation set-up, launch and results analysis verification. It is both sophisticated yet surprisingly easy to customise to your environment.

Trusted by thousands of engineers around the world, Tanner tools have delivered thousands of tape outs.

Supported by Siemens EDA’s semiconductor foundry partner team, PDK’s
for specific foundries and process nodes are readily available or efficiently developed.

Both analog and mixed signal design flows

Siemens EDA tools supports the entire analog and mixed signal design flow from design capture, transistor level simulation, layout to physical verification with Calibre and successful tape-out.

Digital design for Analog-on-Top

In the IoT era, more analog designs are digitally-assisted requiring digital blocks for functionality such as automated calibration or programmability.

The digital physical implementation tools are made specifically for analog centric design teams who now need to include digital blocks within their designs.

L-Edit IC

L-Edit is a complete hierarchical physical layout tool with cross-probe to schematic, layout and LVS & full integration with Calibre.

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