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The Solido Characterization Suite works with any existing characterisation solution for standard cells, IOs, memories and custom cells and supports all .lib data types, including timing, power, noise and variation, and supports all .lib data structures such as NLDM, CCS, LVF, and Moments.


  • Massive speedup in library characterisation and verification
  • Better quality libraries, improved power, performance, and area
  • Supports standard cells, IOs, memories, and custom cells
  • Works with all characterization tools and flows
  • Works on all .lib data types: timing, power, noise, and variation


From weeks to hours

  • Comprehensive .lib verification in hours instead of weeks
  • Finds issues undetectable by traditional checks
  • Supports hundreds of standard checks and custom checks
  • Compares all library metrics and summarises information for the user


Using machine learning to accelerate characterisation

  • Produces new PVTs .libs in minutes, 100x+ faster than SPICE
  • Works using .libs as input; does not need SPICE simulation or characterizer calibration
  • 2x+ speedup for characterization across all PVTs