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A number of product factsheets and white paper articles relevant to EDA Solutions recent exhibit at Image Sensors Conference held in London March 20-21, 2024 are available for you to download.

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  • 1 x Case study
    • Big sensors for big business – How VivaMos, a UK semiconductor company which designs and manufactures large flat panel X-ray detectors, won an industry award and worked with Siemens EDA’s analog mixed-signal IC design solution.
  • 5 x Whitepapers
    • Analog mixed-signal verification methodology for image sensor design
    • Analyzing EM/IR in IC design layouts to ensure reliability and performance
    • Fast and accurate variation-aware mixed-signal verification of time-domain 2-step ADC
    • Introducing mPower
    • Simplifying mixed-signal verification with the Symphony Platform
  • 7 x product factsheets
    • AFS – Analog FastSPICE simulation
    • Calibre nmDRC – physical verification
    • Calibre 3DStack –  extends Calibre die-level signoff verification to enable complete design verification of stacked die assemblies 
    • mPower – Power integrity analysis
    • Solido Variation Designer
    • Tanner Digital Implementer –  RTL to GDSII flow for “analog on top” designs
    • Tanner S-Edit & L-Edit for analog IC front and back end design

Discover the company and our support

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The EZwave Joint Waveform DataBase (JWDB) is a high-performance waveform database for manipulating huge waveform databases from leading simulators, loading gigabytes of data in seconds.

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Symphony Platform

Industry’s fastest and most versatile mixed-signal platform The industry’s fastest and most configurable mixed-signal solution to accurately verify design functionality, connectivity, and performance across…

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Solido Crosscheck

Comprehensive IP QA framework for validating all IP, regardless of type or process technology. Improves final quality of silicon through IP data integrity, and speeds…

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Solido Design Environment

Comprehensive AI-powered design environmentfor all nominal and variation-aware verification of custom IC circuitry enabling full design coverage in orders-of-magnitude fewer simulation and with the accuracy…

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L-Edit IC

L-Edit is a complete hierarchical physical layout tool with cross-probe to schematic, layout and LVS & full integration with Calibre.

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