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Photonic IC design

The Siemens EDA solutions support both the photonics expert and the IC designer with the integrated platforms providing complete flows for capture, simulation, implementation and to physical verification.

LightSuite Photonic Compiler is a script driven environment with advanced co-electrical and optical routing that reduces the layout time through automation from weeks to hours. L-Edit Photonics enables implementation in a powerful IC layout editor.

Photonic simulation is supported through integration with multiple Siemens EDA OpenDoor partners. Photonic and transistor co-simulation is also supported by some of the partners. Foundry supported process design kits are available.

L-Edit Photonics

L-Edit Photonics extends the full-featured layout editor L-Edit to support manual layout of integrated photonic designs. It enables the creation of a design that…

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Layout Verification

Calibre is the foundry’s gold standard for photonic layout verification. It has the ability to verify the curved structures using its equation based design rules reducing the number of false violations.

Photonic Simulation

Integrated with 3rd party optical simulation providers.

Photonic design flow using L-Edit Photonics or LightSuite Photonic Compiler