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The perfect opportunity to learn

U2U is the perfect opportunity to learn, share and network with fellow technical experts who design leading-edge products using Siemens EDA tools.

Dedicated to end-users of Siemens EDA solutions, this conference is free to attend and includes innovative keynotes from industry leaders, enriching technical sessions as well as a chance to network with colleagues and peers.

Example papers from the conference agenda

ARRI GmBH, Rahul Sankhe, Technical Lead Imaging Front End

Logic verification of Mixed signal integrated circuit

Using Tanner-Verilog-VHDL-Modelsim based verification environment to verify logic operation of an image sensor by exhautive validation of analog-mixed-signal and custom digital logic at block and full-chip level.

The methodology ensured zero functional bugs on our first setup with Tanner based chip design environment.    

EESY-IC, Markus Kempf

Finding silicon outliers in sensitive matching applications using Solido machine learning algorithms supported by fastest nm analog simulator AFS

In the lab eesy-ic discovered issues in different circuitries on silicon, which couldn’t be identified or tracked by the regular Monte Carlo algorithm in simulation. A bandgap reference showed stability issues during the startup, which was caused by device mismatch. Furthermore the measured quiescent current in a class AB output stage common-mode buffer with current boost was way higher than the simulated value. The quiescent current inside the buffer is set by a current mirror, whose matching is critical.

As the root causes were well understood, but couldn’t be confirmed by Monte Carlo simulation, eesy-ic used Solido to investigate on the issues and by that was able to spot them and improve the circuitries.

XFAB, Smriti Joshi, Sr. Engineer R&D

XFAB Analog/Mixed-Signal Reference Design Kit for Siemens Tanner IC Design Tools

For easier and faster adoption of EDA flows X-FAB provides reference design kits which allow users to determine which EDA tools and flows are natively supported by a specific PDK, as well as which set-up might be required.  

In this paper, we present Siemens Tanner analog/mixed-signal (AMS) reference design kit which is based on silicon-proven circuitry, providing full coverage of the flow to design and simulate analog and mixed-signal ICs.

If you will be at the conference and would like to discuss anything with us, send a message using the form below.

The full programme includes papers on these topics

  • IC Design, Physical Verification, Circuit Verification and DFM
  • Custom/Analog Design, MEMS and Silicon Photonics
  • Analog/Mixed-Signal Verification
  • Functional Verification
  • Design-for-Test and Embedded Analytics
  • HW-Assisted Verification and Validation
  • High-Density Advanced Packaging Design and Verification
  • High-Level Synthesis and RTL Power Estimation/Optimization

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