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Place and Route

What is the optimization factor?

The optimization factor controls how your core is optimized when running place and route. The bigger the number, in theory, the smaller the core. However, the bigger number will also take more time to place and route. Usually, people choose an optimization factor between 0 to 1.5. Beyond 1.5, you won't find much reduction on the core size but it will take much longer to perform place and route.

How can I specify the pad location in SPR?

You can either specify it in the .tpr file or under Tools>SPR>Setup>Padframe Setup>Layout. For details, please refer to the manual.

How do I label the I/O signals on the core during SPR?

You need to define the I/O signals under Tools>SPR>Setup>Core Setup>I/O Signals. Then, the labels will be put on the core after place and route.

What can I do if my library cell or port names are different than the ones used in the netlist?

L-Edit/SPR includes a mapping tool that allows you to map cell and port names between your netlist and the library.

What netlists does L-Edit/SPR read in?

L-Edit reads netlists in EDIF and TPR format.


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