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Electrical Design

Can I do any arithmetic operations on my traces?

Yes, you can setup arithmetic expressions under Chart>Add Arithmetic traces.

How do I create a behavioral model for a device in T-Spice?

The user-defined external model feature allows users to code custom-designed device models using C or C++. The code can be compiled into DLLs (Windows) or shared objects (Unix) and then dynamically linked to T-Spice simulations. Alternatively, the raw code can be interpreted by T-Spice during simulation. For details on how to set up a behavior model, please read Chapter 10 in the T-Spice manual.

What is the difference between .lib and .include?

.include command includes the contents of the specified file in the input file while the specified library file of the .lib command is not read into the input file. It is searched only if the required model or subcircuit definitions are not present in the input files or in any files referenced with the .include command.

What models does T-Spice support?

T-Spice supports MOSFET levels 1/2/3, 4, 5, 13, 28, 47 (BSIM3 Revision 2), 49 (BSIM3 Revision 3)


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