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Design Rule Checking

Using "Load Calibre DRC resuts database" gives the error "Seek failed on ".

This problem is caused by having the Calibre DRC results database file in UNIX format. If the file is changed to DOS format it can be loaded without problem. Some editors will do this translation, e.g. VIM, WordPad. Alternatively there are utilities, one example being unixtodos.

Does DRC check non-orthogonal objects?

DRC currently just checks orthogonal and 45 degree objects.

How can I improve the DRC speed?

Try using a minimal amount of NOT and GROW functions in deriving new layers. Also try adjusting the bin size. Typically, a design will run best for a bin size between 20-50x of a typical transistor size. However, results will vary. Therefore, you should try to run the DRC on a small cell to determine the best bin size before you run it on a large chip.


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