wafer iconWafer Bumping, Assembly and Test

In partnership with imec, EDA Solutions offers an unrivalled range of IC and MEMS production services for all applications including automotive, consumer, industrial and medical. Our services include:

  • RDL Design and Package Development Services
  • Wafer Bumping, Backgrinding and Dicing
  • IC Plastic Packaging in TO, SOT, DIL, SOIC, TSSOP, QFN, BGA/FCBGA and many more
  • Bespoke MEMS packaging for Microphone, Pressure, Acc/Gyro, Magnetic, Optical MEMS
  • Advanced packaging techniques such as traditional SiP, embedded die SiP and TSV
  • Image Sensor Packaging
  • Test SW and HW development, including multi site
  • Wafer probe and final test of Analog/RF, Mixed Signal, Digital and High Voltage devices
  • Back end logistics services including Tape and Reel
  • Full Quality, Reliability and Failure Analysis Service
  • ISO 9001, ISO 14k and ISO-TS1694 Certification (some apply to individual facilities)


various wafer bumping images