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09 Jul 2007
IC Mask Design selects Tanner EDA tools for layout training
IC Mask Design, a Limerick-based (Ireland) company that offers chip layout services and training to companies throughout Europe and the US, has selected Tanner's L-Edit layout tool for its training courses. Established in 2002, the company has trained hundreds of engineers in over 30 companies, 46% of which are fables semiconductor companies, 40% integrated device manufacturers and 14% universities. Training programmes cover an introduction to CMOS layout through to advanced analogue and RF layout. IC Mask Design also runs a number of 1-day layout-related seminars. CEO, Fergal Brosnan commented, "Our customers want to spend their time learning about IC layout, not learning how to use complex tools. Tanner's L-Edit has all the major functionality that analogue designers need but is very usable after just a few hours' instruction. This makes it ideal both for training and ongoing use in the real world."

Tanner's L-Edit runs under Microsoft Windows, so it's easily portable. It provides layout editing, verification and place and route are integrated in one suite of tools, which means that that designers can easily manoeuvre through the entire design flow. The performance and design reuse features of L-Edit significantly enhance a workgroup environment, while an easy-to-use interface allows designers to increase productivity without a steep learning curve. Support for industry standard file formats such as GDSII, CIF, SPICE and EDIF formats allows convenient interfacing with other tools. Shortcut key mapping and the layer/background display are fully customisable by the user.